Our mission is to position the company for long-term sustainable growth through underwriting discipline and diversification.

Fergus Reinsurance Limited (Fergus Re) is a Class 3B Segregated Account Company licensed and regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA).

Fergus Re’s capacity is provided by private investors seeking a long-term, conservative approach to insurance linked investment opportunities.

Fergus Re targets reinsurance of high frequency, low severity casualty insurance program business, generally on a quota share basis or through loss portfolio transfers (LPT).


Wilshire Blvd in LA


The company was originally formed in 2008 as a family owned and operated business.

New Investment

In 2018 new investors led by Checchi Capital Advisors LLC (CCA) contributed working capital of $10.8m.

CCA provided working capital to support underwriting growth and continues to source risk capital from a diversified investor base through additional equity subscriptions.

Checchi Capital Advisors LLC (CCA) is an SEC registered Investment Advisor, responsible for Fergus Re’s investment portfolio. CCA employs a strict and detailed investment strategy focused on investment grade fixed income securities, the durations of which are actively managed to match expected insurance claims payment patterns.

The company is named after the River Fergus, a tributary originating from a small spring that flows to the River Shannon in Clare Ireland.